Android clear cache

Browsers want to serve very fast the sites and for this reason they always cache the sites, to serve the sites fast to the clients.

1.Clear DNS Cache on Android through Browser
You can easily flush the DNS cache on your Android device through the browser you are using. You can just head to your browser’s settings and clear browsing data and cache and that should do the job. You can even do this by going to Settings->Apps->Browser (the browser app you are using). Here, you can just go to “Storage” and tap on “Clear Cache“.



2.Clear DNS Cache in Chrome
If you are using Chrome, you can clear DNS cache through a better way. You can just open Chrome and in the address bar, enter “chrome://net-internals/#DNS” (without the quotes, obviously). Here, you will find the various domain name caches. You can just tap on the “Clear host cache” option to flush DNS cache in Chrome.